Friday, May 22, 2009


wow- the week has flown by. it is hard to believe that tomorrow will mark the end of our first week in brasil. i am having technical difficulties uploading my pictures, and because i am using my hosts computer, my time is limited. we attended the RC Aeroporto meeting Tuesday night, and I had the opportunity to meet the Presidents Rep- Gary Huang- from Taiwan. Wednesday night we attended the founding meeting of a new club. The meeting was very long, but very nice. We left shortly after midnight, and people were still there mingling. Thursday morning we attended a meeting of a RC that is mostly women, and two men (aren`t they lucky) Our days have been filled with inspirational visits. We have had the priveledge to meet professionals that are pioneers in their respective fields, and they have welcomed us warmly and thanked US for visiting them. Go figure! Thais` son just came home, and will try to help me get some pics uploaded. I guess it will be easy for you to know if it works.Tchau for now, Nita

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