Saturday, June 6, 2009

A-B-C or in portuguese -- A-B-C

week 3 -- ABC is wonderful - the term is short for the 3 communities of Santo Andre, Sao Bernardo do Campo, and Sao Caetano. we have seen some really different things and met great people. Mosavi, our tour guide this week, is just great. Despite the language barrier, we manage to communicate, and she is so very pleasant. We visited GEDA, a school park (or park school). It was very interesting, and I was really impressed with the clever and creative ways they use trash to recycle. Friday nite the team had jantar (supper) at Puffe and Evelyns home. We made pizza. It was great. Evelyn had beautiful crocheted items all over the house, and she told me that her mother made everything. She then gave me a set of beautiful doilies. Today, Saturday, I spent with Fernandinho and Nubia and family. We went to the bazaar at the local church and had pastels for lunch with garapa to drink. this is fresh squeezed sugar cane juice. I now face the daunting task of packing my belongings, which again seem to have multiplied this week. tchau for now.

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  1. How wonderful to be able to spend time with "big Fernando" and his family! Isn't that an awesome realization for him to have been in your home & now you in his!! It truly is a very small world!